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Blue Automata

First attempt to have corrugation shift.  Equilateral triangle based tessellation.  I would like to figure out a way to make the shape more solid.

Modular Mayhem


This modular starts with equilateral triangles.  The diagrammed model has 8 units.  The slight variation is a dodecahedron with twenty units.  I checked in Gurkowitz’s(sp?) book, to make sure it wasn’t the one equilateral triangle modular I’ve made.  However, it is such a simple design, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been created ten times over.  If this is the case drop a line and I’ll include pertinant information in the post. 


4 units connect to make one face.

Science, Math, and Origami

This is just a few articles I stumbled across in surfing.  They are not the newest out there and I’m sure you’ve read the article about origami(including Hull, Lang, and Kamiya), but you may find them interesting if you havn’t seen them. (this has a cute little cartoon)

Easy modular sites for platonic solids and other stuff for teachers (this has a great animated sequence folding the Crane and beyond)

This would be an amazing course to teach

More Origami Joel To Bid On

The first two bidding wars are done, but you can get in on Joel’s micromini-tess talents or one of his delightful masks on ebay.  I highly recommend checking it out and, if you have a few shillings to spare, an artistic investment you should make.

(link removed)

nibelung mask

The Eternal Corrugation

This is a link to a technical paper about creating corrugations on a long sheet of material.  It references Lang and Hull in it’s Bibliography, along with a lot of people I don’t know.  It has a bit of everything; pictures, math, and diagrams.

Recent Fun and Games

For the most part I am currently redoing pieces that I’ve done before and sent away.  This was tessellated to work on a mask.  I have hit a wall working on masks and I played with it for an hour before giving up in disgust.  Included are two varients.



An extra detail shot here

Amusing Textile Tidbits

Integration of origami and fabric.  This design repeated would make a fabulous quilt.

Reiko Sudo is a Japanes textile designer.  One link shows a handbag he designed and the other promos a show in Baltimore.   Corrugators will especially find his stuff interesting.

This site shows some simple fabric projects with patterns that a novice to origami would like.

This is not origami, but these sheets are definately going on my bed soon.  Hexagonal love… 

Craneal Evolution

As you have met Gwetto and Cola Light in my last post I shall introduce you to my latest personal amusement “Craneal Evolution.”  Forgive my bad pun, if you wish, but this has been too fun. 


Wire Automata and Cola Light

Mrs. Walker is a wonderful art teacher at the school I work.  She drives the kids nuts by expecting them to do art, not just color.  So a kid was working in wire and after school that day I “stole” some wire(with her permission) and she lent me pliers after seeing me try to bend the wire by hand.  Thus came my calorie free cola.


At her house I showed her the flying pig web site, thus disclosing my love of automata.  She lent me a lovely book and thus this “automata” was born.  I probably should have made a plan first, but I tend to jury-rig first and think later.


The ultimate goal is to make automata that deforms (expands/contracts) origami corrugations.

Finished Tessellation

The original tessellation done to be a gift was not what I wanted, but this will do.  White is more apropos than yellow; hopefully I can send this out tomorrow.


If interested there are more pictures here