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SOFA, San Francisco, and a bunny

Two fascinating weekends and a bunny in a row. Last weekend I was in San Francisco at a lovely event with lovely hosts who were fabulous. I thank everyone involved because you did an amazing job. SF was rainy, but I really enjoyed the Ferry building, a retrofitted building that now has trendy shops and some great foods and treats. The view was breathtaking and calming. Berkley had houses that embodied great craftmanship and farther north the landscape significantly changed and was its own type of wonderful. Pics here page currently.

This weekend I went to SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Fine Arts) at Navy Pier in Chicago. SOFA began with a look into the mind of Bubacco. A genius at glass he created a vision based on eternal damnation and it was ethereal and overwhelming. I was having processing issues I was so excited I was shaking like an overstimulated child at Christmas. It was a rather last minute decision to go and I found it beyond belief (as were the price tags that accompanied many of these pieces of art, including a glass one for $140,000.) Focusing on origami and the designs in that vein or inspirational in that vein tended to be fiber or wood art. There were two panels that were irregularly corrugated and a host of wooden vessels that made me think of a lot of the origami bowl design that is floating out there.

Many wood designs were organic with a notable exception which I’ve posted last. Definitely not organic, but perfect geometric nirvana. I’ll take two when my trust fund comes around or I hit the lotto000_1035



For origami art on a monumental scale one must turn to Kevin Box. An artist out of the Southwest he was there and graciously explained his design philosophy. He creates origami pieces and then casts them in metal. Appropriately placed in front of the window were you can view Lake Michigan was a 15? foot metal origami sailboat supported by “wooden” oars that brought it up to its height. He had near life sized origami horses and origami “sofas.” I have to say that the large origami horse was my favorite. His work and philosophy can be viewed at

One of my favorite artists is Nishimura, first introduced to a lot of people on flickr by Ray Schamp. Nishimura creates these circles of movement and energy with precision that is hard to fathom. To my great pleasure I realized that she has changed from strictly straight line designs to creating her circles with curves. I greatly admire her work and running at $1,200-$4,900 at the show she had some of the most least expensive art I saw, but some of my favorite.



On a much more trivial note at dinner at KowKow a restaurant in Chicago that has the most tasty, crisp, and fresh eggrolls available a dollar bill bunny visited. As with all my designs if you have seen it before please state the source and a link with a picture if possible so I can link to it. Redundancy happens. This design is not exceptionally strict so I think that all proportions of money should work. Not exceptionally great from the front, but it is easier than a large percentage of my designs.