Two objectives…

As students now link an online gradebook, this website’s objective is to write about origami tessellations, origami, and anything related I find interesting.

I am…

Miss. Edison, a math teacher at a CPS high school who enjoys origami along with a host of other things, generally related to geometry, architecture, and art.

All diagrams and pictures that are posted and follow the creative commons rules. I do not post other individuals origami diagrams, although I may link to them. You are welcome to copy, make, and distribute diagrams/pictures for non-commercial use.

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  1. Caragh Smyth on

    Hi Christine,

    I was at the Origami Masters Exhibition today and was amazed at the origami on display! I was particularly interested in some of your pieces, which I noticed are for sale. Could you tell me how much the pieces are and how to purchase them? Or indeed, how to purchase other pieces you might have.

    Thanks for your help,


  2. Rob Anspach on

    Hi Christine,

    My name is Rob Anspach. I am a production manager for Real Art Design Group, located in Dayton, Ohio and Chicago IL. I was lucky enough to receive your Origami “Rosettes” through The Coudal Partners Swap Meet. I must say they are amazing. Everyone in my office has asked where they came from. Thanks so much for participating in the swap meet. Right now I have them setting on my desk in the “touchy feeling area” with other cool stuff (you gotta have stuff to mess with) but have plans to hang them in front of the window in my office. They are surely a big hit.

    I hope you received something just as wonderful as I did. I will be adding a small write up on our blog soon to discuss the swap meet and what I received in trade.

    If you’d care to see, please visit our blog @


    take care,


  3. cedison on

    Glad you like them:) The swap meet is a very interesting concept.

  4. Naomi Paskin-Parsons on

    I am absolutely blown away by your work. I am also a math teacher and I have been playing with modular origami, especially Tomoko Fuse’s work. I am not really at the point where I can design my own as yet. Also the ones I made to display in my classroom were being slowly stolen, so I took them down, and the box they were in was stolen out of my car and dumped on the wet street when it proved to hold “nothing of value”. So I am on something of a hiatus, but your work is inspiring. My fingers are just barely starting to itch to fold again.
    I teach in Philadelphia. Where is CPS high school? what do you teach besides Statistics? I teach algebra 1 and Geometry. I wanted to be able to teach all of my kids how to at least fold a set of platonic solids, but the one-sheet icosahedron is baffling me. I’ll work on it. I am also interested in the architectural kirigami inspired work.

    I am truly impressed by your work, and exploring your blog and some of the others you linked to provided me with an unexpectedly pleasant evening.

  5. cedison on

    Naomi-Glad you like it. Sorry to hear about the damage to your modulars. I post mine about 8 feet off the ground, but the menger sponge out of index cards has seen better days.

    A good modular for a skeletal octahedron is a spinner constructed of 12 pieces of paper and the basic units are 6 waterbomb bases and 6 preliminary bases. I have taught it to kids as young as 6 and routinely teach it to my high school Geometry classes, raw was the most common word. For a cube you can construct masu boxes and make it so you proportion it by thirds. I’ll try to find the book it’s out of. For teaching platonic solids I would avoid single sheet constructions as they tend to be much more complex. I have also taught the sonobe module for the cube and tetrahedrons.

    I currently teach A.P. Stats, Probability and Stats, and Geometry:)at a Chicago Public School.

  6. Fernanda Gomez on

    I love origami and have been following your blog and thank you for all the nice links regarding origamis.

  7. Kathleen on


    My name is Kathleen and I am currently a student in France. Sorry for my English.
     For several years I watch your creations (since 2007) on the Flickr site and I’m always blown away by your talent and finesse your work. I have long hesitated to write to you but I ask myself the question: Is it possible to buy some of your creations?
    From my side I do not specifically create origami, but I am fascinated by the volume. To tell you the truth I dream of a wall Origami:).
    I also saw that you had trials (March 2008) akin to jewelry. I find this beautiful!

    I avoid going to bother you more, but I hope that you will not have too much trouble to read me.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  8. Jeff on


    I am absolutely blown away by your work. I just would like some clarifications :
    Do you sell these models ? ( those of your gallery)
    Perform you the commands more specific ?

    Thank you,


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