Dollar Bill Butterfly Ring

Same old spiel…creative commons, if you’ve seen it before drop a line and I’ll put information and links in…


 Butterfly is big-this is origami bling and would engulf a childs hand, granted my fingers are stubby little nubs, but that said tis a large butterfly not a diminuitive winged ring thing.

 1.  Fold bill in half lengthwise.

2.  Bisect right angles and unfold as indicated in pictures two and three.


3. I flipped the dollar over and then created two vertical creases using the point of intersection from the two previous creases.  Undo and then flip and make two waterbomb bases on each end.


4.  Fold the bottom up approximately 1/3 vertically and then fold the top down.


5.  Flip over the “arrow” and then you are valley folding a vertical crease.  I line it up with the curve, allowing that to represent the body.  The bigger the tip you fold over the smaller the ring.


6.  Open sink the tip.


7.  Wrap the bill around(refer to picture) and you are  going to put the tip into the open sunk tip.  If you can make it match up as you slide it in it will be stronger.


8.  To form wings I pinch a little paper horizontally and fold down.  I then fold the little tip where they meet inside (this is a common fold in butterfly wings I think)


9.  Flip the bottom of the wing tips.


18 comments so far

  1. Andrew Hans on

    Hi Christine:

    Looks like another beautiful creation. I havent seen this before.


  2. cedison on

    Thanks Andrew

  3. Rikki Donachie on

    Nice fold.

    You folk in the States have it easy with folding currency. 7 by 3 lends itself to all sort of treatments. Over here in the UK the money is, roughly, a 1 by 1.9 rectangle. Exactly, 1 by 1.8918918 for a £10 note.

  4. Diana on

    How do you get the tip to “sink”?

  5. cedison on

    Diana you spread out the tip and push the little triangle that was folded to the inside (a waterbomb shape). You do have to reverse a few creases to do this. Here is a site that shows how to do open sinks.

    This is a link to a youtube video that shows and open sink.

  6. Ashley on

    I was shocked at how easy this was to make. The “tooth fairy” just made one for my daughter. Thanks!

  7. Hana on

    The tip keeps sliding out during step 7. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. cedison on

    Hana-Two things may be an issue. The first is the bill needs to be crisp. If it isn’t it tends to slide out. The second is that you get all four edges into different spaces. Finally if that doesn’t work I hate to say it but some lightly balled tape inside might work.

  9. Hana on

    Thank you for answering.

  10. the Paperworks: Origami on

    […] Guide […]

  11. Joe Harper on

    Umm when u wrote open sink the ti, what does that mean

  12. emilee on

    This was so fun and easy to make! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. hahn on

    this was so easy. love it. and it makes a good tip for waitresses

  14. 우왕 on

    우와 만들었어요

  15. pam on

    I’m new to oragami, stuck on “open sink the tip” #6, and the site listed for instructions no longer exists. any other suggestions?

  16. […] Naudas gredzens-taurenis […]

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