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Terrific Blog- Dear Ada and Old Tessellations/Pieces

I came across an amazing blog that has a ton of great posts on design, architecture, and artists. It isn’t strictly origami, but it has things that have some relationships to the art. I’m also not hung up on it being about origami, but on having posts/links about subjects I find interesting and this blog doesn’t fail. Check out .

This is an artist that does marvelous stuff with wire, not Polly though I adore her work. .  So much design and art and so little time.


Unrelated…. I have decided to go to Granada, Spain this summer to see the Alhambra and architecture.  I would love to hear any suggestions for things to do besides the obvious places.  Also if anyone is around there and interested in meeting up to fold I would love to meet.  I am currently planning on going in early July.


So as some have noted photography isn’t my forte or for that matter puntuality.  Some of these I’ve never posted and some I killed pics by accident so here is a bit of older stuff since I certainly havn’t been creating anything new that’s interesting.  While cleaning out some old boxes I found a bunch of my old boxes from before I was tessellating.  I am cleaning them off and in some cases going to redo and post (more for my limited memory than anything else)  The “Saffron in Curves” was when I was playing with non linear g. pleats.  The black landscape from San Fran a test and the red bowl is just a pic redo since the early pics were horrible.

red bowl bottom brown by you.

000_2165 by you.

000_2150 by you.

Saffron in Curves by you.

Saffron in Curves by you.Saffron in Curves by you.

The Brilliance of Polly

(Left:  Ba-The physical manifestation of the immortal soul. 

Right:  Gryphon-Photo by CS Stevens)

I’ve been waiting to post this because I was hoping Polly would post a picture of the Hippocampus I got from her in New York.  I shall wait no more.  Polly Verity is an artist in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Brilliantly she incorporates wire, paper, and origami.  I can’t claim to be clever in art interpretation, but I know what amazes and moves me.  The integration of  mediums is unique and wholly her own.  Her pieces vary from the whimsical to a creature that embodies the soul.  My hippocampus, a mythical half horse/half sea serpent, expresses a magnificence that cannot be captured in two dimensions.  It has individual teeth and a tongue coming out.  The hippocampus ate raw meat and was not a cuddly critter, Polly Verity captured the essence in form and does impeccable work.  I highly recommend checking out her work on flickr and her website.  If you can, I advocate picking up a Polly of your own, if not, she is a great artist to know about.

Blue Automata

First attempt to have corrugation shift.  Equilateral triangle based tessellation.  I would like to figure out a way to make the shape more solid.

Craneal Evolution

As you have met Gwetto and Cola Light in my last post I shall introduce you to my latest personal amusement “Craneal Evolution.”  Forgive my bad pun, if you wish, but this has been too fun.