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PCOC 2007

Vancouver was beautiful, even as it rained and was cloudy.   Joseph Wu did a magnificent job with the Pendulum Gallery exhibition.  It was a privilege to see so many amazing works in one place. 


Teaching was fun and instructive.  I thank all who came to the workshop and class.  Eric Joisel’s class was humorous and informative.  Eric Gjerde expanded tessellation knowledge to the masses as is his mission and Bekah brought a chuckle and a wicked sense of humor everywhere she went.  I met Michael and Richard, very well spoken and knowledgable men, the have a fascinating wellspring of stories and experiences.  Joseph Wu’s little boy, Michael, is adorable and when he decides to make money by renting out the perfect child I’m on the list.  I love Joisel’s work and Cooper’s Puck is full of character.


A new tessellator Adrianne was met and proves to be  a quick study and is an amusing lassy:)  Both Michael LaFosse and Joseph Wu taught pigs(or boar) and both were elegant little models.  The plane ride back was a bit bumpy, but I was on time.  On the plane I initially started a mask in blue elephant hide that Darren(from Australia) gave me a bit of, but like most masks I do I pulled it apart and worked on making a test of a solar system tess.   The solar system spiral was to small and I havn’t decided if I like the stars I used, but it was a fun practice run(asymmetry is hard, it just looks unfinished if not careful).I just wish I hadn’t abused my pretty new color.  Most of the photos will be posted to flickr, but here is a sample.  Played with gray paper also, but I didn’t fold much new stuff.