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Philipily Quatre Bowl Instructions and a few links

Philipily Quatre Angled and locked by you.

Philipily Quatre Top no lock by you.

This bowl is part of a curved computer aided tessellation I am working on. The collapsing of it is going poorly, but looking at a bowl of Philips I realized it might make a good bowl if I used one iteration overlaid in a circle. The original design is based on a equilateral triangle. The design works with any number of sides of a polygon with little modification.

To complete print out the crease pattern below as large as will fit on a sheet of paper.

CP-"Philipily Quatre" by you.

Then score the creases following the lines above. I recommend a pen that no longer has ink. Then make the creases as shown below.

Philipily Quatre-Directional Crease pattern by you.

This is the bottom.

Philipily Quatre Bottom no lock by you.

This is the top.

Philipily Quatre Top no lock by you.

To try the five sided bowl the crease pattern is below.

CP-"Philipily Cinq" by you.

Links that I sent to the o-list but forgot to given the e-mail a subject.

Some origami in fashion links.

This is more tangentially related. The fabrics were inspired by traditional papers and they may have origami birds on one blouse, but the pic wasn’t good enough to be positive.

Nifty top


shoes that appear to have little leather blintz folds.

Chair and stool with origami design influence

Purse with a fold or two.

While I am sure you are all familiar with Sipho Mabona’s extraordinary work, he has a website that is as exquisitely constructed as his designs. Check out his site. My favorite pick is his Multiple white Koi picture. Bella.

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