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Modular Kirigami

orange 1orange 2orange template

Once I realized a template worked for the knappa lamp I didn’t feel the need to make it.  Just playing with the previous design.  This will probably end my kirigami amusement as I don’t like all the cutting.  Little bits of paper are all over my place.

3-d Tesselation Tutorial

final frontbacklit

Here is my first attempt at a 3-d tess tutorial by pictures.  The first picture up top is the front and the second is the tesselation backlit.

1st precrease 32nds is a good idea. 

tutorial 1tut2tut3

Do step three on the other two sides.  Then you continue doing this, but not to the triangles next to it.  Look below and you can see the edges of which triangles to work on.

tut insert  Now you will work on the three triangles surrounding the central one.


Now complete all the triangles not done before like above and you should have the tesselation that appears at the top of this post.

Attempts to create the Ikea lamp

green kirigami000_4457.jpginsidetemplatedev template

After seeing this lamp posted on Eric’s website   I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the template would look like.  As the pictures show I was wrong, but I liked some of the consequences so I’ll post one of my templates.  Have fun.  You need 8 cut out, you are making a cube, although it does resemble a sphere.  I have more potential templates, but will post them later.  The difference between the green and tan is that I creased the green semicircles. If you connect the semicircles internally you get a very strong finished polyhedron.  I did it with a plastic cover divider and it was thrown around and had nary a scratch.  The second template I was sure would work, but I came up with an ocatahedron base, not an icosahedron.

Disclaimer:  This was so easy I’m sure everybody and their mother has designed this.

Update:  The second template I made was correct.  Someone found a link to a manual and it’s posted on Eric’s site through the comments.  The slot is horizontal, not at a 45 degree incline and the circles are shifted to the side of the vertices. 

B.I.O. Bendable Interior Objects

This company is interesting.  They have this sheet made of aluminum which you pop and form functional household objects, such as hanger-holders and desktop accessories.  They also have room dividers/sound absorber that resembles a tesselated tree.

“Things You Regret the Morning After”

mask sidemask1

In a pique of irritation I took apart the mask to start over only to find out the paper was overworked.  Well, regrets won’t bring it back.  I am working on a tesselation with the paper which I will put in this post when done. 

Oh to sail with the wind…on an origami sailboat

This guy from England designed an life sized origami sailboat.  It holds one person and then folds up flat.  I’m just waiting for the functional origami car, fueled by the wind.  Great idea.

Geometric Rose Container

  crease pattern geometric rosegold rose containersilver rose

This was a fun design for me. If a square purist make an equilateral triangle from a square and follow the crease pattern. Otherwise start with an equilateral triangle.  The gold rose is from a 6″ square of beetle paper.  The silver one is from an equilateral triangle.  Oops minor mistake on the crease pattern.  It should have rotational symmetry.  The small vertical crease at the top should look like the other two angles.

 pyramid containers

The pyramid containers are very strong and they are made by folding the “leaves” in back and tucking the last one behind the other two. 

Guess I should mention creative commons rules governs all that is posted on this site that I’ve devised.

Triangle Box Crease Pattern

This box was originally posted to the site on tripod with the statement that I would soon have directions.  With the difficulties I had with the page I was unable.  So it will be my first crease pattern here.  Top and bottom are unisex and it is interesting-you can twist them flat, by twisting them in opposite directions.

triangle box crease patterntriangle box twotriangle box 3Triangle Box

Sliceform teapots and other things, oh my

I think sliceforms have a lot of potential for furniture and are just really cool. 

Richard Sweeney has amazing work with paper.  Encountering his sliceforms awhile back I was intrigued and made a few myself.  The blog has several pictures that’ll make you envious.

John Sharp has a book and posters available.

You can get his stuff here.

Most Recent Tesselation

Expanding Star Tess

I play with paper and this was my most recent tesselation. For more pictures go to