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Blue Automata

First attempt to have corrugation shift.  Equilateral triangle based tessellation.  I would like to figure out a way to make the shape more solid.

Craneal Evolution

As you have met Gwetto and Cola Light in my last post I shall introduce you to my latest personal amusement “Craneal Evolution.”  Forgive my bad pun, if you wish, but this has been too fun. 


Wire Automata and Cola Light

Mrs. Walker is a wonderful art teacher at the school I work.  She drives the kids nuts by expecting them to do art, not just color.  So a kid was working in wire and after school that day I “stole” some wire(with her permission) and she lent me pliers after seeing me try to bend the wire by hand.  Thus came my calorie free cola.


At her house I showed her the flying pig web site, thus disclosing my love of automata.  She lent me a lovely book and thus this “automata” was born.  I probably should have made a plan first, but I tend to jury-rig first and think later.


The ultimate goal is to make automata that deforms (expands/contracts) origami corrugations.

Free Origami Furniture PDFs


This website has a link to free pdfs to make this furniture yourself.  All you need to furbish the well folded home.  As I am interested in buying a home, my mind focuses on such things.  Inhabit’s website makes me think of Dwell Magazine, their focus is on sustainable architecture and design.  They have nifty links to prefab dwellings and I am a big fan of do-it-yourself projects.  Great site to check out.

I am also fascinated, because an area of interest of mine is 3-d tessellations and the inherent structural stability and strength in given collapses.

Readymechs are fun & cute

This site has downloadable pdfs of nifty little containers predecorated with graphic designs.  Kids and adults will like them.  Cut them out follow the directions (you need scissors and glue/double sided tape) and you have little containers to clutter your desk.   I have paperclips in the baby skeleton design (The design makes me think of Day of the Dead).