Hexagonal Dollar Bill Modular Instructions

You will need 6 crisp dollar bills (or larger if you so wish) and a few fingers.

  1.  Fold dollar bill in half lengthwise.  I recommend keeping the same orientation I have the first time you make it.    
  2. On the one side quarter it.
  3. Fold in half, Valley fold, as shown in photo.
  4. Take the lower left vertex and bring it over to the quarter crease line.  The other point it references is the center crease line.  
  5. Inside reverse as shown.
  6. Use the upper left vertex and bring it down to the center crease mark making a crease the the other top vertex. Unfold
  7. Repeat on the left side and unfold.
  8. You are folding down as if to make a waterbomb base.
  9. Flip unit over and repeat.  When done reverse all creases so the “waterbomb” is in the inside.  Make 5 more units.  
  10. Put units together as shown.  You are putting the one on the right into the one on the left.
  11. Between the units where the units connect fold a bit of paper over.  This creates a strong final product.                    
  12. Assemble all 6 units.  Should look like the picture.  Then flip over for the next step.
  13. You are tucking in the left angled flap all the way around.  It goes around the other papers in the inside.  Now this side has only rotational symmetry not bilateral symmetry.
  14. Flip over.  Now you will be collapsing the modified waterbombs.  Be sure to include the tip from the other side that was left out.
  15. Now you are tucking in the tips that are sticking out so that everything is contained.  The final modular should be internally very strong.                                     

11 comments so far

  1. Eric on

    Thanks Christine for sharing these great designs with us.

  2. cedison on

    Thanks Eric,

    Just hope they’re clear enough. It is much easier to make something than to show how to do it.

    Happy Folding,


  3. Pages tagged "origami" on

    […] tagged origamiOwn a WordPress blog? Make monetization easier with the WP Affiliate Pro plugin. Hexagonal Dollar Bill Modular Instructions saved by 1 others     gano15300 bookmarked on 03/02/08 | […]

  4. Theresa on

    i hope you don’t mind, i stumbled across this blog while searching for folding instructions and have been following it. a site that i frequent, boingboing.net, is live-blogging a TED (technology, entertainment, design) conference that’s on right now, and one of the presenters discussed origami. it’s interesting and informative, and i thought i’d give you a heads up in case you hadn’t seen it yet. http://www.boingboing.net/2008/02/29/ted-2008-robert-lang.html

  5. cedison on

    Thanks for the information. I didn’t know about this. I actually have Lang’s design book, but I have yet to read it to find out about his circle packing and programs. Unfortunately I run out of time to design stuff that amuses me, much less do other things.

    Thanks again,


  6. bob on

    love your dollar stuff, its very cool I really think its great that your a teacher and you can expose these young skulls to the beauty of folding. My specialty is bills but I also do modulars, tessilations are too tricky for me. I think I got the smoked fish down but Im sure you do it differently. Im a 62 year old juggler and magician who uses origami in his act. People love the simplicity of it. Keep up the great work and keep spreading the joy…

  7. Dolly on

    Do you know how to fold a dollar bill into a star of David w/ a menorrah in the center: I’ve never seen one up close but saw one this weekend which was a gift for a child at a service.

    • cedison on

      Sorry no I have seen the star of David one, but never with a menorrah.

  8. girlychic on

    ):i can’t get it i trie dover and over and still can’t do it no matter what:( !!!!!!!!!!!**

  9. Boss_ASU on

    Poorly written. What the hell is a “waterbomb”? You reference this as if readers know what you are talking about. Lovely end result, but awful instruction execution.

    • cedison on

      Boss_ASU This is not an introductory model, most of mine are not. Feel free to spend 30 seconds and look up waterbomb and origami and you will find it is considered a basic fold and there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that will help you. Most origami books will list about 4 basic folds at the beginning and it is a great idea to memorize them.

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