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Dollar Bills Strike Again-The dollar bill modular flower and other tess stuff

Well after the years of modulars I can’t determine if something is new or old.  This seems excesively familiar although an hour long internet search yielded nothing, although I didn’t check standard Kusadama’s.  So I will diagram it after I check with a few people, because diagraming stuff that’s on the web seems redundant.  The one has three 20’s the other 4 really grungy singles.


Playing with small tests while I am trying to grid some large pieces.  I started something called “Spinal Reconstruction” for my chiropractor just after Vancouver and I still haven’t finished gridding the pieces.  My most recent small test is below.000_7935.jpg

More photos are at

Butterfly Dollar Bill Fold

A collective gasp arises as friends and family realize I have created and folded something other than a box or a tessellation.  Yes I have.  Don’t expect this to be a split on the evolutionary tree, as it is merely a slight twig on the trunk; not a paradimn shift.  Although that makes it sound as if progress is being made, which it really isn’t if you read my prior post.

Stemming from a combination of extreme boredom and ennui at a restaurant I was playing with a dollar bill and this insect visited.  I have looked up as many dollar bill butterflies as I could find and didn’t see this one.  Although the wide array was surprising and interesting.   Creative commons and all that jazz still applies.  If it does exist please inform; the last box I posted, I have been told, has been designed at least 5 times going back to the 1930’s!  Tres amusant.  More pics will be posted on flickr when I have time


Long overdue update

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I havn’t done a lot, but I have been checking to see if some things I’ve diagrammed exist out there without consistent access to a computer at home it has been difficult.
The paper Christiane mailed me got here and I have used one sheet. It is a host of colors of wyndstone I cannot get in the U.S.. I also finished my last self imposed mask that cannot be taken apart. It shows that, but at least I managed to finish three as stated previously. Individually I learned things during each mask, but at some point I have to find synthesis or it is all for naught.