Dollar Sun-Another Day Another Dollar Fold

Stellated 12-gon.  If you skip step 5 or vary the distance of the fold you change the number of modules needed.  Given an n-gon the smaller the fold to the center the larger n (i.e. the number of bills) is.

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  1. betc on

    could you publish ppics as you put this together ? i love your designs and look forward to any new ones you post . thank you ,you are appreciated

  2. Z-man on

    Hey ummmmmm can you make something totally awesome!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! thats cool but something AWESOMER

  3. Fred on

    hey well it was so superb if you know what that means KUDOs dudes!!!!!!!☺☻,♂▬

  4. Choi on

    Hey! Great job, but i’m stuck at step 6 >.< can you help me out?

    • cedison on

      Choi-If you got to five flip the unit over. The flaps on the back overlap. I fold them so they are not crossing the center line. From 6 to 7 I am folding over the top tip. It doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned just fold over the tip a little bit.

  5. origami lover on

    i m stuck in step four. i dun really get it. some one please help me. cause i like it so much.. thx…

  6. frasorbil on

    It took 17 dollars, but result is outstanding. Cannot say the same for instructions and instruction diagrams.

    • cedison on

      Frasorbil, glad you were able to do it, and I am sorry you had trouble completeing it given the instructions. Please feel free to diagram instructions and post a link to any improvements you think need to be made. Diagramming is not my forte and what is clear to a designer is not always clear to a folder following instructions.

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