More Modular Madness


This modular is an amazing frisbee and while I don’t necessarily advocate “throwing money around” in this case I say make an exception.  Quite thick at the edges, but it is a sturdy octagon.

Very crude instructions here

Pentagonal Star-Really Pentagonalish.  Although it lies flat the fit is not perfect.  Not a unique style connection, but I like pentagons.

Varients on previously diagrammed model.  Hexagon in Embedded Star and Embedded star.  The first is a forced fold, not natural and does not lie flat.  The second is the flat variation.

Same disclaimer/request if you have seen these please post applicable designers and links.  Thanks:)

20 comments so far

  1. Jen on

    Well it looks like I know what I will be folding tonight for some kids easter baskets!!!

    Thanks again!!


  2. Dorothy Kaplan on

    When you get the instructions for the model with the star of David in the middle, I hope you will share it with us….would really like to make it. Dorothy Kaplan

  3. Yousuf on

    Hello Cedison!

    I love what you have done here. Can you please post the diagram for the 8-colored octagonal star shown in the first picture on this page?

    I tried searching for something similar on the internet but was unable to do so. Please help me out! 🙂


  4. tomoka-chan on


  5. jessica on

    i love ur origami its so cooooooool coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolest thing ive ever seen!

  6. Fernanda on

    Very lovely, thanks for sharing and diagrams

  7. holly on

    hi thats a great diagram but maybe ad some videos to show

  8. holly on

    hi thanks for the diagrams but maybe add some videos

  9. shoe bob on

    thosse are so sosososososo cool

  10. Kathleen Marie on

    Can you please put up the diagram for the very first one??

  11. bobbi on

    thanks for the origami, its soooo cool.

  12. govind kulkarni on

    models shown on your site are awesome. it would be nice to make them. could you kindly post instructional diagram.
    kaagaz ka karigar!!!

  13. govind kulkarni on

    instructional diagrams of these models would be most welcome. joy of seeing beautiful models is doubled when it can also be made and taught to others also. it is especially so in case of a origami teacher.

  14. Libby on

    wow these things are sooooo cool and i am soo gonna try em!!! i am in 6th grade and there is a boy that is nutz with this kind of stuff and he is AMAZIN!!!!!

  15. Brylee on

    I Hate your website!

  16. Linda on

    This is cool can you leave an easy to read instruction for it.

  17. jee on


  18. Emily on

    Stupid Website!!!!!

    • cedison on

      Thank you Emily for your kind words, it is wonderful that you would take time out of your day to look at my stupid website!!!!! I appreciate the feedback and I am grateful you took the energy to sign in and write a comment. So have a wonderful day and enjoy. Thank you come again:)

  19. koty on

    i know alot of oragami i dont know how to make that star but i know how to make a similar one

    that is the link enjoy

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