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Time Waits for No Man


Blackhole Sun is the new piece I’ve finished, although new is a relative term.  It was started not long after the convention and I just needed to finish it up.  Time has slipped away lately.  I’ve started a new automata(Inch Worm), worked on creating a tessellated platonic solid, started some tests to create a tessellated hand, but none of these is finished.  I havn’t even folded a new grid in a month.  I just hope I can get my butt in gear and complete something new soon. 

Origami in Architecture, Fashion, and Production

Platform21 = Folding (I absolutely adore this dress.)

Thanks to an e-mail from Christiane Bettens I am posting some links.  There is a design exhibition in Amsterdam.  It has a cross section of participants from Robert Lang to Sophia Vyzoviti.  Fashion designers to architects with P.H.D’s populate this show in a diverse approach to an art form that I have come to appreciate in its many veins.  The second link takes you to a spot where you can find online foldables that relate to this show.

While I am not sure how I feel on the aesthetic or practicality of designer Marloes ten Bhömer, , I definitely find the approach novel and potentially revolutionary in the production of shoes.

Origami Ingenuity May Save Lives

Eric Green, a medical student at Stanford, created an asthma inhaler spacer that costs (currently) $0.15 to make, opposed to the current $50 price tag in the U.S..  Taking a class, “Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability,” he created the spacer from paperboard that is designed to be assembled in four folds.  This link sends you to a blog that has an interview and more information.  I applaud innovation and this definately qualifies.  Accessibility to medicine means it needs to be affordable.  Asthma attacks can result in death and sometimes an immediate inhaler is your only hope.