Science, Math, and Origami

This is just a few articles I stumbled across in surfing.  They are not the newest out there and I’m sure you’ve read the article about origami(including Hull, Lang, and Kamiya), but you may find them interesting if you havn’t seen them. (this has a cute little cartoon)

Easy modular sites for platonic solids and other stuff for teachers (this has a great animated sequence folding the Crane and beyond)

This would be an amazing course to teach


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  1. Philip Chapman-Bell on

    Hey Christine,

    This is one I’ve been reading lately and trying to adapt to curved surface folding:
    Calculus for those of us who can’t integrate. Your students might get a kick out of it.

  2. Julie Rehmeyer on

    I just wrote an article for MathTrek about math and origami that you might enjoy as well:

    Julie Rehmeyer
    Science News

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