Modular Mayhem


This modular starts with equilateral triangles.  The diagrammed model has 8 units.  The slight variation is a dodecahedron with twenty units.  I checked in Gurkowitz’s(sp?) book, to make sure it wasn’t the one equilateral triangle modular I’ve made.  However, it is such a simple design, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been created ten times over.  If this is the case drop a line and I’ll include pertinant information in the post. 


4 units connect to make one face.


4 comments so far

  1. Rachel on

    that is awesome and so simple! I have one question, what kind of paper is that and where did you get it? It’s gorgeous.

  2. cedison on

    Thanks. The paper is called Wyndstone or Elephants hide. If you live in Chicago you can buy it at Pearl, otherwise I have purchased some online at an art supplier out of Michigan. Just google it and the name should appear.

  3. Rachel on


  4. myanmarsuperman on

    I love it.

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