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Lab Assignment 12/13/07

A.P. Statistics-Individual Work.  Create a PowerPoint and email to me.  Requirements below.  You make use wikipedia for symbols for S.D..

  • Standard Deviation defined along with formula
  • 2 examples with solutions
  • Picture of density curve or the histogram with the mean and standard deviation marked on it.
  • Z-score formula
  • 2 examples of z scores
  • Pictures of the normal probability model along with an explanation of what it is.
  • Steps on how to mark the percentiles on a normal model density curve.
  • Explain what µ and σ are.
  • Explain how to find µ.
  • Cover page with title and names
  • The powerpoint must be sent to by 4:00 today


Probability and Statistics


  • You are expected to create three new posts, you only have to post one and save the other two. 

  • You also must find two other sites that are related to yours (write down the sites) post a comment and a link to your website.

  • Your blog entries must have a minimum of 3 categories listed for each.  This allows search engines to find your site.  Go back and edit your entries if necessary.

Probability Lab


Listen to the clip and answer the questions.

According to the guy probability is…


How do you find know the probability for rolling two sixes?


Why is the robot accused of cheating?


When you are done take the quiz and write the both the questions and the answers on the back of the paper.  Send the results to yourself (printing them out and turning them into me is homework).



1.  Write definitions for the following









2.  What is the equation for simple probability:  P(A) =


3.  Scroll down and read the material.  Complete the Exercises and write the questions and answers on the back of your worksheet


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to conditional probability.

4.  Define Conditional Probability:


5.  What is the multiplication rule?


6.  Read the examples and write one of them below.


7.  Complete the exercises 1-5 on the bottom of the webpage.  Write the questions and answers on the bottom of the page.

   8.  When finished work on your website.  I will be viewing the number of visits and you will start getting 0’s if you are not getting traffic. 

Stats Lab Assignment


  1. Click 7 times on the 8 in the box, 5 times on the 7, 5 times on the 9.
  2. Sketch the histogram on your paper and indicate where the mean, median, and mode are.
  3. Click on the 1 two times.  Draw the graph and indicate where the mean, median, and mode are.
  4. Click one time each on the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Draw it and indicate where the mean, median, and mode are.
  5. Start over
  6.  Click 7 times on the 8 in the box, 5 times on the 7, 5 times on the 9, 1 time on the 6 and one time on the 9.  Sketch the graph and indicate where the mean, median and mode are.  If I then click on the 14 5 times what happens to mean, median, and mode?
  7. Try making 3 equal columns.  What is the mode? 
  8. What makes the mean move?
  9. What makes the median move?
  10. What makes the mode move?


Make player A lucky for 2 and 7.  Make player B lucky for 3 and 4.  Set the race for ten.  Who won?  Play 5 more times.   If you think about rolling dice can you figure out why this might have happened?


You need to go to sitemeter and record  all pertinent data.  (If you havn’t added sitemeter for this section you will use the data from this site.)

   Average Per Day   
   Average Visit Length   
   Last Hour   
   This Week   
   Average Per Day   
   Average Per Visit   
   Last Hour   
   This WeekUnder location tracking you need to goto countries and state the statistical breakdown

Under traffic prediction you will state the estimated breakdown for the day and month.

Pretend you are an advertising executive you need people to see this website to buy your product.  What do you think is the most important statistics to keep track of and why?  How would you go about improving the number of people who have seen your website.

Create two entries and make sure you enter them by categories.

october 21st-25th


  • Study for quarterly exam
  • lab work
  • Bring in article with chart/graph you have made

A.P. Stats

  • Study for quarterly exam
  • web-worth 50 points
  • lab work
  • Turn in m&m project


  • Circle worksheet
  • Circle Activity
  • By now you should have all pages 1-15 from student assignments and be in cognitive tutor section 6.

assignments october 15th-18th

A. P. Statistics: 

  •  Project:  m&m project is due Thursday.  No extensions or make up.  I will be available for help during lunch and after school.
  • Hint:  We will probably be having a test next week.

Probability and Statistics:

  • Project:  m&m project is due Thursday.  No extensions or make up.I will be available for help during lunch and after school.
  • Hint:  We will probably be having a test next week.


  • pgs. 11-12 in Student Assignments
  • Circumference worksheet
  • Mixed Review worksheet
  • 1.5 should be turned in!

Excel Student Journeys

This website was kindly put together by DePaul’s New Media Studies Class.  It chronicles many of the struggles that our students go through.  This anthology of prints and stories was done in Mrs. Walker’s Art Class.  The students have done magnificent work and I highly recommend you walk a “mile” in their shoes.

Praise goes to Mrs. Walker and all the students who participated in this project.

All Students-Goodbye

Dear Students,

I will not be returning next year and I will miss you. Please remember that education gives us choices that we would otherwise not have. School is your “job” and you owe it to yourself to get the best foundation for your future. Be good, respect yourself and others, and have a wonderful summer vacation.


Ms. Edison



To All Affected-

My condolences to the families and friends affected by the multiple tragedies this week.

This will be the new website to view for class updates, the site on tripod will not be used anymore.