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Probability Lab


Listen to the clip and answer the questions.

According to the guy probability is…


How do you find know the probability for rolling two sixes?


Why is the robot accused of cheating?


When you are done take the quiz and write the both the questions and the answers on the back of the paper.  Send the results to yourself (printing them out and turning them into me is homework).



1.  Write definitions for the following









2.  What is the equation for simple probability:  P(A) =


3.  Scroll down and read the material.  Complete the Exercises and write the questions and answers on the back of your worksheet


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to conditional probability.

4.  Define Conditional Probability:


5.  What is the multiplication rule?


6.  Read the examples and write one of them below.


7.  Complete the exercises 1-5 on the bottom of the webpage.  Write the questions and answers on the bottom of the page.

   8.  When finished work on your website.  I will be viewing the number of visits and you will start getting 0’s if you are not getting traffic. 

Basic Container Diagrams and Update

Lately I have been on a box/container jag.  In about two hours I folded 6 containers.  The others were over several days.  I am going to post the containers as I diagram them.

Basic Container

Basic Container diagram IBasic Container Diagram IIBasic Container Final step picture

The box is simple so odds are its been done before, if so please post pertinent info.  Also if there are any mistakes please inform me.

After a time away from masks I decided to try them again.  Absence did not improve my skills (wishful thinking), and it is not like riding a bicycle.  What I have challenged myself to do is complete three masks in a row without ripping them apart.  It sounds simple, but it goes against my nature.  However I probably will never improve unless I focus on completing them and understanding my flaws.  Here are the two I’ve completed.

Two varients of second mask.  Unfortunately used a smaller grid and couldn’t complete the top of the head.


Brian Dettmer is a Fantastical Creator

While letting time escape as I perused the vortex that is the web I encountered pictures from the Haydee Rovirosa Gallery of an artists that alters books.  Brian Dettmer takes old books and creates insanely detailed dioramas from cut away sheets.  This fascinated me as I’ve been thinking about tessellating old books and/or making new ones with embedded tessellations.  This gentleman is meticulous and creates a vision of the text in layers that harmonize and call out to be analyzed and appreciated.  Like many things I post about I advocate checking out the gallery that has this gentlemans work and if feasible purchase one of his fantastical journeys.

PCOC 2007

Vancouver was beautiful, even as it rained and was cloudy.   Joseph Wu did a magnificent job with the Pendulum Gallery exhibition.  It was a privilege to see so many amazing works in one place. 


Teaching was fun and instructive.  I thank all who came to the workshop and class.  Eric Joisel’s class was humorous and informative.  Eric Gjerde expanded tessellation knowledge to the masses as is his mission and Bekah brought a chuckle and a wicked sense of humor everywhere she went.  I met Michael and Richard, very well spoken and knowledgable men, the have a fascinating wellspring of stories and experiences.  Joseph Wu’s little boy, Michael, is adorable and when he decides to make money by renting out the perfect child I’m on the list.  I love Joisel’s work and Cooper’s Puck is full of character.


A new tessellator Adrianne was met and proves to be  a quick study and is an amusing lassy:)  Both Michael LaFosse and Joseph Wu taught pigs(or boar) and both were elegant little models.  The plane ride back was a bit bumpy, but I was on time.  On the plane I initially started a mask in blue elephant hide that Darren(from Australia) gave me a bit of, but like most masks I do I pulled it apart and worked on making a test of a solar system tess.   The solar system spiral was to small and I havn’t decided if I like the stars I used, but it was a fun practice run(asymmetry is hard, it just looks unfinished if not careful).I just wish I hadn’t abused my pretty new color.  Most of the photos will be posted to flickr, but here is a sample.  Played with gray paper also, but I didn’t fold much new stuff.

It’s Not Just Paper Anymore

I realize the title is misleading-origami has been more than paper for a long time, from Palmer’s silk tessellations to the utilization of tyvec for wallets.  The fashion industry, as well as architects and designers,  has increasingly been finding inspiration in origami.  Many things are only now coming to fruition/production.

Curtains that would have been at home at PCOC by Hannah Allijn, take a tessellating foundation and use it for a functional and delightful  purpose. 

Origami is structure and form, and those who are students of the craft and art are architects of structure.  The ability to find collapses, constrained or otherwise, gives us the chance to test structural constraints and give aesthetic consideration at the same time.  This rapidly evolving consciousness is wonderful as it has the potential to open up another approach to design.  The trip to Vancouver I just returned from really made me think about the changing view of origami, while I can’t afford the vast majority of these designs it is wonderful to see how widespread they are. 

Two websites that are good at finding origami trends are listed below.

 Design*Sponge: hannah allijn - curtains - home decor - blogs Stylehive BM 146297 from


Organic Landscape I

Most recent tessellation.  Been to busy to really fold lately.