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Dollar Bill Wreath and Inchworm

So I have ended up on a tangent that I would eventually like to use for posting tutorials for my students and have lectures students can view if absent.  So I decided to try to create an origami tutorial.  I may have done this design before I sadly don’t remember.  Editing is a challenging business, as is seeing yourself (in all your redundant glory) on camera.  So for those who do post tutorials online kudos, it’s a lot harder than it looks.  I will within the next week post about Italy, but this comes first since it’s done.  Bear with me as it is my first attempt at video instruction and it is not polished all pretty, plus I am using the camera in my mac which doesn’t allow for as much flexibility in filming.  Youtube said it’s processing so here you go, remember creative commons applies to all unless stated otherwise.  Happy holidays.

Below is an corrugated automata that doesn’t inch the way I originally plan, but sometimes the best laid plans fail.


Blue Automata

First attempt to have corrugation shift.  Equilateral triangle based tessellation.  I would like to figure out a way to make the shape more solid.

Craneal Evolution

As you have met Gwetto and Cola Light in my last post I shall introduce you to my latest personal amusement “Craneal Evolution.”  Forgive my bad pun, if you wish, but this has been too fun.