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Links and Pic of Old Tessellation

I posted most of these links to the o-list, but I’ve added several and included one Adrienne sent me.

This has a great collection of pics of paper clothes.  They arn’t new, but they include pictures I’ve never seen.


Concept pieces with collars inspired by origami forms.


This is paper that was done in lieu of a thesis by Chia-Lin Wu that is about origami in fashion.


A plastic bowl that is definitely origami.



Shows a commercial product to make


This talks about origami pleating which sometimes is a stretch to call it origami pleating, 

A dress by Cynthia Steffe with an origami insert.


A wool coat that has a definite vibe that is similar to some Japanese sewing books I’ve seen  This shows a flat pack “origami” table


Link to a website that doesn’t appear to be updated anymore, but the designer has an origami belt this links to someone bloging about a Finnish designer whose stuff is rather nifty. Designer who uses origami in lamps


Origami dress on the runway


A link that I think I may have seen before for digital origami.  The installation looks like it would have been a blast to see.


Link from Adrienne that has a lot of links to paper artists (not primarily origami)


Article about an origami play and several origami designers are quoted.



This is a picture of a tessellation that I displayed at OUSA, but displayed badly.  It was created for a tessellation challenge order vs. chaos.


Universal Construction by you.

Computer Aided Origami Designs

Octagonal Collapse in Three by you.

blue orb by you.

So lately I have been sidetracked from my pleating by the ingenius Polly Verity.  She has inspired me to start playing with curves.  I bought a CAD program ViaCAD and have been rather obsessed lately, although that is starting to subside, more because the last two crease patterns I made didn’t work on the first try.  I tend to discard things if they don’t work the first time around, a habit I am working to get past.  So below are two crease patterns for two units and the pictures of what the finished units look like.  I highly recommend you score with a stylus or a dead pen before you fold the creases.  These can be tessellated and I recommend you use cardstock or some heavier paper although you can do them in copy paper.  The designs make me think of futuristic architecture and are surprisingly strong.

Blue orb mod with flattened rod connectors by you.

  Eggs in Lockdown by you.


Crease pattern for Eggs in Lockdown by you.

There are more crease patterns and designs here .  Everything is as usual creative commons release.