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Origami inspired Jewelry


I would never have guessed Home and Garden TV would have such a nice selection of origami projects.  They very clearly list supplies and have pictoral instructions that are very nice.  They had several projects that were interesting.,1788,HGTV_3293,00.html

Recent Amusement

000_4612.jpg 000_4617.jpg

Most recent tessellation.  I am getting a little tired of stars. I played with a nice little equilateral triangle in the center, but  backlit the star was nicer.  A couple more photos here

Free Origami Furniture PDFs


This website has a link to free pdfs to make this furniture yourself.  All you need to furbish the well folded home.  As I am interested in buying a home, my mind focuses on such things.  Inhabit’s website makes me think of Dwell Magazine, their focus is on sustainable architecture and design.  They have nifty links to prefab dwellings and I am a big fan of do-it-yourself projects.  Great site to check out.

I am also fascinated, because an area of interest of mine is 3-d tessellations and the inherent structural stability and strength in given collapses.


Recent tessellation.  Roundabout variation developed from the blue snowflake tessellation.


This is a prototype idea for a beverage container and is a mockup.  That said, it is a marvelous design idea from Clara Lindsten.  This is not new on the web, but it is new to me.  I found it at

Petal Box Diagrams


This was the first box I designed and diagrammed.  At OUSA I taught it and met Ralph Jones who has done a lot of the mathematics on how to play with dimensions.  I have included my original diagrams and two pages he sent me.

Rose petal onerose petal two



Origamist Stocking Stuffers

I should limit extraneous expenses, but this is tempting.

Circles anyone?

I found this interesting as I have played a lot with circles lately.  I also like slide three and the origami robe.   As I am house hunting my mind focuses on origami with a practical bent.  A lot of designers/inventors have been finding that with lasers and new technological developments origami has a ton of real world applications.  Dwell magazine regularly has tessellated goodness and architecturally fascinating buildings.  Melisande kindly emailed a link so I’ve included it.

Readymechs are fun & cute

This site has downloadable pdfs of nifty little containers predecorated with graphic designs.  Kids and adults will like them.  Cut them out follow the directions (you need scissors and glue/double sided tape) and you have little containers to clutter your desk.   I have paperclips in the baby skeleton design (The design makes me think of Day of the Dead).

Hexangle Box

                       box and top

The funny thing is I never was very interested in  making boxes when I first started; yet they seem the easiest thing for me to design and make.  I started with a circle, the base is a hexagon, and the box is a equilateral triangle.  The top and bottom are the same.  On the crease pattern treat the straight line as valley folds.hexangle crease pattern

hexangle help1hexangle help2hexangle help3000_4488.jpg