Geometric Rose Container

  crease pattern geometric rosegold rose containersilver rose

This was a fun design for me. If a square purist make an equilateral triangle from a square and follow the crease pattern. Otherwise start with an equilateral triangle.  The gold rose is from a 6″ square of beetle paper.  The silver one is from an equilateral triangle.  Oops minor mistake on the crease pattern.  It should have rotational symmetry.  The small vertical crease at the top should look like the other two angles.

 pyramid containers

The pyramid containers are very strong and they are made by folding the “leaves” in back and tucking the last one behind the other two. 

Guess I should mention creative commons rules governs all that is posted on this site that I’ve devised.

6 comments so far

  1. Lorenzo Marchi on

    I love the pyramid ones, must try. Btw nice to see you’re here too, I’ve haven’t noticed you before 😀

  2. cedison on

    Hi Lorenzo,

    I havn’t been here long. Originally I set up a site on tripod, but it had a lot of problems.

  3. Sarkastik on

    I am truly stumped at how you got the silver and gold roses??
    I can get the small pyramids…I think, but everything seems a little back to front when I’m trying to get the rose. 😦

    I assumed things would fall into place naturally, though on the roses the angles and creases seem different, or in another orientation than the shape I’m getting??

  4. cedison on

    Sarkastik-They are in the same orientation the pics are just of a 120 rotation. What is tricky are the petals. The best way to describe it is that the petals are stuff that is tucked inside to form the pyramid and the little isosceles triangles above the leaves are essentially a collapse like 1/4 of a bird base. Sorry I don’t have a better explanation.

  5. Sarkastik on

    Ah thank you, I shall try again. After trying my hand at making a Kawasaki Rose I’m a little more confident to try this again 😀

  6. ILuvRoses on

    This website is amazing! I found this on Google when I typed in modular rose. I tried the Rose Container out and it is quite easy. Thanks for the CP’s. I also tried the Triangle Box CP and that is also easy.

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