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Winterland in Wisconsin: A Few Folds and an Old but Not Forgotten Box

So I was in Wisconsin, at Lake Harris. I think winter is the time that we are gifted with seeing a tree’s architecture. The pristine lines don’t err and aim towards the heavens against a backdrop of Robin’s egg blue. The stark Birches and lily white snow were beautiful if bitterly cold. So amidst the joy of grading papers I folded.

Oceania Box-Older box, but one that I still like.   I don’t think I’ve posted it here before.

Oceania Box by you.

Partial Diagram: After step 6 just make a standard masu box. The edge reference for the edge of the box is the first pleat from the edge. Make two. Then pull apart the sections carefully, fanning them out. Make two.

Rough Diagrams for Oceania Box by you.

In Wisconsin I played around with 2d modulars again. Before I post instructions I would like to know if they are already floating out there in the origami ether.   If you recognize them please state who and a link if possible.   I checked out a site moduladia? and a site by a gentleman whose website escapes me at the moment.   So if the designs and or modules look familiar I do appreciate information before I bother trying to diagram.

Some Modulars made in Wisconsin by you.

Last thing  from the cold northwoods is a tessellation.   Was originally going to do a mask , but sadly that, as usual, was pushed to the side.  So here it is backlit.

Kaleidoscopic by you.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year.


Links and Pic of Old Tessellation

I posted most of these links to the o-list, but I’ve added several and included one Adrienne sent me.

This has a great collection of pics of paper clothes.  They arn’t new, but they include pictures I’ve never seen.


Concept pieces with collars inspired by origami forms.


This is paper that was done in lieu of a thesis by Chia-Lin Wu that is about origami in fashion.


A plastic bowl that is definitely origami.



Shows a commercial product to make


This talks about origami pleating which sometimes is a stretch to call it origami pleating, 

A dress by Cynthia Steffe with an origami insert.


A wool coat that has a definite vibe that is similar to some Japanese sewing books I’ve seen  This shows a flat pack “origami” table


Link to a website that doesn’t appear to be updated anymore, but the designer has an origami belt this links to someone bloging about a Finnish designer whose stuff is rather nifty. Designer who uses origami in lamps


Origami dress on the runway


A link that I think I may have seen before for digital origami.  The installation looks like it would have been a blast to see.


Link from Adrienne that has a lot of links to paper artists (not primarily origami)


Article about an origami play and several origami designers are quoted.



This is a picture of a tessellation that I displayed at OUSA, but displayed badly.  It was created for a tessellation challenge order vs. chaos.


Universal Construction by you.

Website Assignment

Website Assignment:


Individual Work.  Each person will create a website that reviews the topics covered each week.  Two groups who maintained their sites will be allowed to continue with their personal blog.


Goto to create a new site.


The topics will be covered each week, and you need to make an entry per topic

This week you need to have the following explained in your own words on the website…


  • Independent events
  • Dependent events
  • Probability of independent and dependent events
  • P(A or B)


For homework you must write two entries that explains two of the following…


  • How to make a pie chart
  • How to make a bar graph
  • How to make a histogram
  • What is an Ogive and how you make one
  • What a scatterplot is and how to make one

October 29th-November 2nd


  • Quarterly Exam
  • Turn in web

A.P. Statistics:

  • Quarterly Exam
  • Practice Exam
  • Turn in web


  • Practice quarterly exam
  • Quarterly exam
  • Complete section 1.7 from Student Text

Origami Ingenuity May Save Lives

Eric Green, a medical student at Stanford, created an asthma inhaler spacer that costs (currently) $0.15 to make, opposed to the current $50 price tag in the U.S..  Taking a class, “Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability,” he created the spacer from paperboard that is designed to be assembled in four folds.  This link sends you to a blog that has an interview and more information.  I applaud innovation and this definately qualifies.  Accessibility to medicine means it needs to be affordable.  Asthma attacks can result in death and sometimes an immediate inhaler is your only hope.

Amusing Textile Tidbits

Integration of origami and fabric.  This design repeated would make a fabulous quilt.

Reiko Sudo is a Japanes textile designer.  One link shows a handbag he designed and the other promos a show in Baltimore.   Corrugators will especially find his stuff interesting.

This site shows some simple fabric projects with patterns that a novice to origami would like.

This is not origami, but these sheets are definately going on my bed soon.  Hexagonal love… 

Wire Automata and Cola Light

Mrs. Walker is a wonderful art teacher at the school I work.  She drives the kids nuts by expecting them to do art, not just color.  So a kid was working in wire and after school that day I “stole” some wire(with her permission) and she lent me pliers after seeing me try to bend the wire by hand.  Thus came my calorie free cola.


At her house I showed her the flying pig web site, thus disclosing my love of automata.  She lent me a lovely book and thus this “automata” was born.  I probably should have made a plan first, but I tend to jury-rig first and think later.


The ultimate goal is to make automata that deforms (expands/contracts) origami corrugations.

Oh to sail with the wind…on an origami sailboat

This guy from England designed an life sized origami sailboat.  It holds one person and then folds up flat.  I’m just waiting for the functional origami car, fueled by the wind.  Great idea.