Been Awhile

So I have been, comparatively, out of commision to a large extent the last two years.  Work and getting a graduate degree took precedence over life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and all that jazz.  Here is what I did in the last week and two modular instructions for units I did (sometime in the last several years, probably more recently, but memory is a fallible, short-term, gnat like thing for me) no guarantees they are not redundant.

Links to two modulars

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  1. Edi on

    Hi, Christine

    Cool ^_^


  2. Mary Klotz on

    I have just taken on curatorship of an exhibit running Nov./Dec. 2011.

    Theme is Alignment.

    I’m interested in locating artists doing this sort of wonderful origami tessellation work at gallery quality levels to submit potential entries, esp. in the WV panhandle area: MD VA WV PA, so that work can be delivered rather than shipped.
    Also interested in possible related workshops to be held during the exhibit, in Berkeley Springs WV.
    Contact Mary Klotz in Woodsboro/Frederick MD 301 F Sa 11-4 845-4447 or 663-3855
    or foresthrt at

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