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So much to talk about and I’ll skip most of it in favor of curves

So what have I done?  Singapore-Will elaborate later, but a thanks to Deb (coffee, allergy meds, and dopamine?), Elsa (helped me find my classroom and more), Cheng Chit (so much, organization, tour guide, and great help), Char (great suggestions, much to mull over), Shri (best and most helpful roommate ever), the Demaine’s (for the Huffman talk and making me think about different curves again), Patsy (for seriously doing tons of organization and being a workaholic), Eileen-for so much work into making things run smoothly, Joseph-well he puts up with my crap, Miri-some good conversations, Eves and Mark-clarification of sine curvy corrugation issues.  That’s all for now although I’ll feel horribly guilty later for leaving people out.  Wisconsin played with circles, Minneapolis got to see a nonfolding friend Mags and Eric a folding friend.  He was great and I owe him a big thanks.  Now to the folding….soo the Bauhaus circles that  are fantabulous curvy magic were pictured in a presentation by Eric, so I made one (they were also rediscovered by Thoki Yenn).  As is my ilk I quickly got bored with it as such and have been playing with pleating, cutting, pulling apart and collapsing to make sharp defined curves, and changing the shapes (which I brilliantly noticed today, a month later, in the abstract booklet from 50sme, seriously could I be any more oblivious?)  Not all are from circles, and I have a lot of exploration to do to find the limitations.  I will fully state that most likely any tweaking I do to the form has been done and better, but the reality is I don’t want to search out what other people have done until I play myself.  So yes it probably is redundant, but it is a curvy fun redundancy.

Bulldog bookmark instructions

Warning:  These are rough pictoral diagrams and as such if you are a very basic folder they may be a problem.  If using cami paper start with the colored side down.

1.  Fold paper in half on diagonal both ways, open, and flip over.  If using cami use colored side down.

2.  Opposite points to center and flip over.

3.  Fold the edge to the center diagonal.  Let the paper underneath flip out from the underside.  Don’t crease.  Do the same on the other side.

4.  Fold down in half.

5.  Fold the bottom tip of the top flap to meet the top center.

6.  The next step might be the most problematic.  You will be taking the raw edges of the bottom you folded up and making them meet the raw edges underneath and then rabbit earing the middle flap.

7.  Symmetrically squash the center flap.

8.  Mountain fold across from were my two fingers are pointing to.  This is a horizontal line above what will be the nose.

9.  You will pinch the fold just made and form a valley fold about an eighth of an inch above it.  This is a personal taste fold.  It affects the amount of paper for the eyes of the dog.

10.  Refer to the pics below to fold down the eyes at an angle.  How close to the center is a personal preference. I fold to the edge of the crease just made from a point above the edge of the nose, on either side.

11.  Fold the ears to taste

12.  Mountain fold the top of the nose back to taste.

13. Fold the bottom of the nose under to taste.

15.  Stick over page to mark.  Only the head will show.