6″ to short-C’est la vie

6" to short test:(

6" to short test:(

6" to short test:(

What I envisioned and what happened very different.  Needed at least 6″ more of paper to get the extra knot/twist it and it wasn’t worth doing it with this paper which is not good and likes to rip.  It is a watercolor paper that also has no memory and is not good for my purposes:(  Oh well, sometimes it justn’t turn out the way you want.  That said Italy in 3 days:)

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  1. Amanda Kapp on

    These are so gorgeous. I really do not know the first thing about origami but was looking for some basic concepts to maybe include in a quilt design and I have stumbled into the mathematicians world of paper folding. I had no idea. These pieces of paper are works of art – so sculptural – like some prehistoric seashell washed ashore. Any recommendations of where a novice might begin on some of these very non-traditional patterns?

    Beautiful beautiful work, Amanda

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