Calluses and Curves

Been playing around with pleating.  Constraining pleats all in one direction than another by folding over.  This unlike my earlier silver work is really related to Paul Jackson’s pleating technique.  I hope to soon create a bunch of curved pieces and attach them to each other with fishing wire.  I hope to create an insanely organic sealife inspired piece.  I would work with one piece, but the problem is size the largest sheets of wyndstone become tiny when pleating and so you can work with a 4+ foot long piece of paper and end up with a finished piece that is less than a foot when curving.  This piece I called “Mother and Child.”

Mother and Child by you.Mother and Child by you.

The piece that looks similar but is different in how pleats actually are spreading is different.  “Seasick in Silver”

000_2812 by you.

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  1. EnWhySee on

    Am loving Seasick in Silver. Lots of potential here, even asymmetrical.

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