Computer Aided Origami-Candy Boxes

So I reverse engineered a box for a friend that has the origins listed as a Japanese Anemone box that Christiane recognized as similar to a Fujimoto box.  They are all variations on a theme.  So I decided to play with curvature on these boxes and the results are below along with nondirectional crease patterns.  What was so interesting is that a slight change with where the curvature is makes a large difference in the end product.  So everything is creative commons on this site as always.  Hope you enjoy.  If you would like the viacad or adobe illustrator files email me and I can send them so you can tweak the design yourself.  Remember playing with a design is half the fun.


candy three by you.

candy container cp by you.

000_2405 by you.

000_2398 by you.


000_2387 by you.

This particular design is reminiscent of the collapsible lids.  I also employed these nibs in a box I did awhile back.

000_2391 by you.

000_2388 by you.

11 comments so far

  1. maniac on

    Hello, I would be interested in the files to print out the patterns in a nice quality. Also a hint on howto to fold nice circles would be appreciated because I’m used to straight folds from animals and insects e. g. from Lang. Thanks in advance!

    Sincerely yours Bernd

    • cedison on

      Can you do adobe illustrator files or viacad? I can email you the files. Also I score for the best results with a out of ink pen or a stylus. I freehand curves now but initially that was problematic.

  2. maniac on

    I’m on Linux and did a little resarch, Gimp and Inkscape can handle Adobe Illustrator files. Thx!

  3. vania passos on

    My english isn’t so good, but there’s a thing I can say: Wonderful works! Vania

  4. judy on

    Looking for a pattern to make a fabric origami box-
    called many names

    Hide box
    twisting lid hide box
    teasure box
    anemone box

    ANyone know where I can get instructions ?

    Thanks- Judy

  5. Sass on

    Hi Christine,

    Just learned of your works, and I must say they are quite lovely 🙂

    I have never used CPs before, and I have a rather stupid question, but how does one figure out which lines are valleys, and which are mountains?

    Please excuse my ignorance,

  6. Dee on

    Just found your blog, and I can’t tear myself away. Amazingly beautiful! I’d love to try out the candybox variations on my own. Please send Illustrator files.


  7. mads on

    hi. i love your creations and the patterns you’ve designed. i’d love to try making them. i’m a mac user so any file that’s readable by my os would be perfect. thanks so much and have a nice day. 🙂

  8. Karin on

    Hi Christine,
    this is awesome ^^
    I love the shape, just like candy.
    Could you send me the desing files please?
    Thank you!

  9. Carol on

    Hello! I’d like to fold this candy boxes, can I have the pdf files to print?! Sorry about my bad english, ok?! I can’t even tell you how cute are them.

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