Gothic Crosses Origami Tessellation and Dollar Bill Dresses

So the push to finish old crap projects is on.  Not that it’s garbage,  I just haven’t really had time and impetus lately to actually start any projects I’ve laid out.  I should explain my approach is rather ADHD and my scatterbrained approach means time is relative.  I wish I had focus.  Partially finished projects litter my place and it is frustrating to find incomplete ideas, manifest in paper.  

Cross 3d by you.

Cross 3d backlit by you.

Cross 3d backlit by you.

Sorry, enough kvetching. What is great is the number of folders who have taken up this avenue of origami and are running with it.  I look forward to seeing them reinvent the wheel and then make it brand new.  So the first pic is a tessellation that looks to me like “gothic” styled crosses from one angle and flowers (which they are on the other side) from another.  This is from two years ago and had been 1/3 finished for a long time.  Well now it’s done if not clean, but I am not starting it over.

Dollar Bill Dresses by you.Origami Dress by you.

The dollar bill dresses came out of an hour spurt of dollar excess last weekend.  It reminded me of a peculiar childhood habit of mine-tissue dresses made for Barbie and Skipper.  My Mom was never one for Barbie’s, but I ended up getting one and a Skipper as a present for my ninth? birthday from a little girl named Candy.  I would make dresses out of tissues and ripping them and tucking and pleating for fun.  It was a solitary activity as I didn’t play with dolls a ton, but I still have a doll with her raggedy tissue dress.  The grey one was simply an attempt to design with a square, sort of envisioned it as a grey silk chiffon.  I have the grey dress roughly diagrammed and can post as soon as I know it isn’t an infinite repeat, so I will be asking the o-list about whether the grey one is running about.  I would assume the dollar bill dresses are also repetitive although I haven’t seen them before.  The one that feels most familiar is the banded dress with the accepted bodice.  The top ones are flat and the other two dresses are 3d.


2 comments so far

  1. EnWhySee on

    those dresses are spectacular, and look about the right size for Barbie, too.

  2. Mags on

    Love the dresses! Katie likes to make dresses out of tissues, too. 😀

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