Origami Tessellation Molecule and Interesting (Kindof) Stats

So this post highlights my distractability. This is an old test that I fully intended to expand, but never did. So I pulled it out, dusted it off and I’m working on figuring out the reference points for the piece so I can eventually tile it. The problem is it is deceptive, it looks simple, but sadly isn’t (at least for me) and is giving me a run for my money. I think I have all the reference lines, but the construction is still eluding me. Unfortunately I don’t always design in the way Joseph does (Wu). His locks are so him and in his case the deceptive simplicity is almost always including hidden internal lockish things that are painful, but consistently Wuvian (Wuesque, Jospephian, JoWuskian):P I don’t find my own designing to be that consistent and as such I confuse myself at times.

New Edit: (With an additional ;P at the current commentator): I should say that my comments about The JoWu” are just on what I’ve learned when he willingingly or unwillingly taught a model and observing him during exceedingly rare opportunities when I was able to see him in his natural Wuvian habitat. So take it for what it is, off the cuff analysis.

“Trapped Midpoints in a Celtic Cross”

Trapped Midpoints in a Celtic Cross by you.

Trapped Midpoints in a Celtic Cross by you.

Trapped Midpoints in a Celtic Cross by you.

Posted below are some takeout box varients.

Takeout Box varients by you.

Last, but not least, are some stats that show up on the admin homepage for this blog. It is interesting to see what you view as your most interesting work vs. what the readers find most interesting. I am using views as a measure of reader interest. Although I find dollar bill folding interesting from a design standpoint, I don’t consider it my most interesting work, but that is clearly what brings the most people here. It isn’t a negative or a positive thing, but simply a fact. It may be because I have more dollar bill designs with instructions posted or it may be that my primary interest with origami (tessellating) doesn’t strike the same cord, either way I still will post anything that strikes my fancy, but it does make me think if I ever try to do a book dollar bill designs might come first, boxes second, and modulars third.

Dollar Bill Flower Module Diagrams 23,811 views

Dollar Bill Butterfly Ring 14,302 views

Dollar Sun-Another Day Another Dollar Fold 6,482 views

More Modular Madness 6,082 views

Gothic Cuffs 4,774 views

2-D Modular Design Process and Diagrams 4,615 views

Hexagonal Dollar Bill Modular Instructions 4,476 views

Free Origami Furniture PDFs 2,605 views


2 comments so far

  1. Joseph Wu on

    Yeah, yeah, whatever. 🙂

  2. cedison on

    Meh, go give yourself a paper cut wiffle boy. Your fanbois deserve to read about your Wuskiness 😛


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