Organic Geometry in Brown Silk and a Nifty link or Two  Go seven spaces down and click-You will see some interesting textile surfaces.

An origami flat pack spoon you fold.  Usability I can’t rate, but it is cute.–Design–Gear.html

Small table base origami inspired–Furniture–Home.html

Not exactly origami, but it does have a related aesthetic

This wallpaper I am in love with


Below is a piece of mine inspired by a host of things, but predominantly Nishimura circles, Polly, and Phillip’s pulling me down the abyss of curved folding.  This came after a box bender.  Arrghhhh!


Organic Geometry I different lighting by you.

Box bender first few (14 and counting)

Lid for Hexagonal flower box by you.

One Rectangle Single Piece of paper no glue curved box by you.

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  1. Mike on

    Your circular fan comes a few weeks after Saadya started exploring something similar here: . Any connection?

  2. cedison on

    Hi Mike,

    Actually this had no relationship, but Andrea Russo a great Italian folder posted a link here . The circle is actually just an exploration of a technique from a Japanese artist Nishimura whose work is amazing. I was at SOFA weekend before last and saw more of her stuff. I’ve been playing with the technique for a year on and off.

    Subtle Spiral in Orange
    Green Running circle

    The curved niblets springs from a bunch of boxes I’ve been doing and within the last week I found I liked the shape when it worked really well in a curved one piece box here.

    Seven in Orange

    Saadya’s idea is smashing. It really lends itself to the peacock feathers.

    Best Christine

  3. Saadya on

    I have to confirm Christine’s point. Christine’s work is entirely her own, and entirely terrific. It’s true that some ideas are in the air, and some get published at about the same time, but that’s as far as it goes. She’s entitled to her own sources of inspiration! The fact that there’s an overlap only proves there are good ideas here to be explored.

    As it happens I showed a VERY preliminary version of that Peacock’s Tail to Daniel Naranjo in Columbia, two years ago; but only got around to making a decent displayable form last month.

    Newer work on various curvy-line fans (from me, and hopefully also from Christine) is in the offing, so stay tuned


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