Blue Diamond Corrugation & crease pattern + New Avenues


This is a fairly basic corrugation.  Initially it doesn’t completely flatten.  If you push the connectors in one direction you can easily flatten it (refer to pic)  The modification to get the second corrugation is included, but ups the difficulty level.

The exploration below involves using goran pleats and heavy modification.  I do not always start with a standard solid polygon.  The pleating is deconstructed and the edges expanded to create organic shapes.  The first paper is some Italian paper that has a lovely memory to it and the second is a sheet of oiled lotka, which has a lovely pattern and was a pleasure to work with, although has less tension in the finished product.


3 comments so far

  1. Adrienne on

    OOH! Those goran pleatings turned out really well! They remind me of the curly swirly ruffles in some of the Armani Privé collection.

  2. Adrienne on

    Tried and failed to embed a picture. Here’s one:

  3. cedison on

    Great pic! I think they may have something similar in the mag that we bought in New York.

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