Green Bowl and the Creep of Ennui

So I have been playing with boxpleating and Goran Pleating that’s deconstructed.  It was fun, but I think the idea isn’t so much as tapped out as I am currently bored with it.  I still need to do one-Pandora’s Box and then I will let this go for awhile and focus on masks again as they have been calling my name.  Also a few standard tessellations have called me.  I used my beautiful green EH for this and I would like this more if I had used any other color.  The largest of my bowls it just doesn’t fully capture the color of the green in the design.  Over a foot long on edge is isn’t as stable as the others.  Not so much deconstructed as inverted with central deconstructed boxpleats.



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  1. EnWhySee on

    Oooh. I have that now. Lovin’ it!

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