Goran Pleats meet Box pleats

So I’ve been busy for awhile, but went back to an old idea I had.  When I was doing square constrained collapsed I wanted to combine them with Goran pleating.  My objective was to have a flower collapse in the center of a bowl with the curved edges ready to envelop it.  So recently I found an old collapsed/crushed sampler and decided to refold it to play with collapes.  So here are the basic shots of what I did. 

First boxpleated on diagonal.  Went to close and decided to change orientation of box pleating.

I changed the boxpleating from diagonals to horizontal and vertical.

The next step was deconstructing the pleats. (i.e. pull them apart)


The pink bowl pictures are called the “Pink Lotus Bowl” and are the most recent of the tests.  Main issue was the square was to small.  The red bowsl are my  finished initial full test.  The last two images in the gallery are the moneyfolds I am asking people to check before I diagram them.  Currently have three sets of diagrams being tested and when I get the all clear I’ll post them.

Recommendations if you wish to do these bowls.

1.  Minimum of 12 inch paper

2.  Use a heavy paper that is strong.

3.  Keep the initial box pleat on the horizontal/vertical.

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