Green Floral Relief

I’ve been playing lately with square based tess ideas.  Unfortunately a completely different technique must be used than my usual 3d tessellations.  I am working on an expansion.


6 comments so far

  1. erikatakacs on

    This is a beautiful piece of art, can’t believe it’s paper

  2. mawar on

    I had just fallen inlove with this green floral relief. It really wonderful seeing the flower popping out. May i ask you for the diagram?

    Thank u!

  3. cedison on

    Hi Mawar,

    Glad you like it I am working on a crease pattern this month. Unfortunately I am backlogged with diagramming.

  4. Adam on

    Hi, happy to hear that! I’m really looking forward! 🙂
    Your work amaze me!

  5. Castword on

    Thats incredible! I would love to fold something like that, but I don’t have diagrams or anything!:(
    Great work by the way:D

  6. Louyi on

    Hi! Just like mawar i soo want to make one of these but im a little new to tessalations. Could you create a crease pattern. The flower and the way it pops out… just amazing!i like these more than your masks (that is a lot so you know)

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