Gothic Cuffs

So I’ve been playing with the idea of tessellated jewelry for awhile.  These are my first tests.  Currently held together by the natural occuring pleats.  I am contemplating different attachments currently.  Basic tess design on left (refer to Eric’s website for pattern for a pattern) and slightly modified 3d pattern on right.


 Old box I found that wasn’t damaged from move.  I havn’t posted it yet because I was initially planning to diagram(then lost the box).  Uses a basic tess that Fuse also uses (thanks for the info Ray) for the side decoration.

The other thing I made like this is a bookmark. 
It uses the same type of collapse and is the perfect size for a corner bookmark when made out of 6 inch squares.  The abbreviated pictoral diagrams are below.
1.  Fold in half diagonally both ways.
2.  Fold in half (side to side both ways)
3.  Leave it folded and fold over as shown, crease lightly as this is a reference mark.  Let go and fold the other direction. 
4.  Accordian pleat into 8ths.  The wide side is the open side.
5.  Undo and open.  You will now be inside reverse folding the pleats internally starting with the 2nd eighth.
6.  Lay the paper on the side and squash the triangles as indicated.
7.  When finished refold on the other crease lines and fold in the tips. 
8.  Press flat and put over page and you’re done.

3 comments so far

  1. Adrienne on

    Neat! I’ve been playing around with the idea of tessellation-inspired waist girders/belts as a fashion accessory (lots of origami-inspired sketches in my fashion design classes). They would have to constructed of something flexible that would still hold the shape.

  2. cedison on

    LOL I just bought fabric to attempt a tessellated belt out of “plumwood” faux suede. I don’t know for sure how I am going to treat it to tesselate it. I want it to be a semi-corset style. I’ve wanted to since this tessellation the actual design I’ll use), but time keeps being a factor. For shaping I was going to make only the front be tesselated and make the back a fabric that had stretch or reinforce the tessellation and make the shaping be in the cut. Initially I wanted to make it a leather, the color seen in the photograph, but thickness of available leather was a huge issue. I am envious of your class. It has been a long time since I sewed anything.

  3. Donna on

    love the gothic cuffs!! looks complicated

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