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Masks the never ending saga/Red Man and Piltdown Man

I have spoken of my mask travails, that said the red mask actually exhibited a bit of progress.   The eyes are not proportionate, but they are much more defined, which I like.  This mask is the strongest internally and is without wet folding for any details.  There is the barest development of a chin.  I like the fullness in the cheeks although placement is still an issue.  The poor red man is missing an upper lip, but that’s going to have to wait for the next mask.  I need to start creasing larger, because I am running out of space on the sides.  The nose is more complex and has a better side view.  References Italian Comedy Masks in my view.  The upper right picture has my mask next to Joel Cooper’s mask.  This can give you an idea where I am trying to go, I don’t want to emulate his exact style, but I want to achieve his level of completion.

The black mask on the left was lost when I tried to make the mouth.  The picture is horrid, because I was only going to use it for reference, not post it.  I approached the pleats under the mouth differently, I referred to Joel’s mask.  In doing so I created what mon pere dubbed the Piltdown Man.