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Hexagonal Dollar Bill Modular Instructions

You will need 6 crisp dollar bills (or larger if you so wish) and a few fingers.

  1.  Fold dollar bill in half lengthwise.  I recommend keeping the same orientation I have the first time you make it.    
  2. On the one side quarter it.
  3. Fold in half, Valley fold, as shown in photo.
  4. Take the lower left vertex and bring it over to the quarter crease line.  The other point it references is the center crease line.  
  5. Inside reverse as shown.
  6. Use the upper left vertex and bring it down to the center crease mark making a crease the the other top vertex. Unfold
  7. Repeat on the left side and unfold.
  8. You are folding down as if to make a waterbomb base.
  9. Flip unit over and repeat.  When done reverse all creases so the “waterbomb” is in the inside.  Make 5 more units.  
  10. Put units together as shown.  You are putting the one on the right into the one on the left.
  11. Between the units where the units connect fold a bit of paper over.  This creates a strong final product.                    
  12. Assemble all 6 units.  Should look like the picture.  Then flip over for the next step.
  13. You are tucking in the left angled flap all the way around.  It goes around the other papers in the inside.  Now this side has only rotational symmetry not bilateral symmetry.
  14. Flip over.  Now you will be collapsing the modified waterbombs.  Be sure to include the tip from the other side that was left out.
  15. Now you are tucking in the tips that are sticking out so that everything is contained.  The final modular should be internally very strong.