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Moneyfolds: My design approach

Just a few thoughts on the process I’ve been using for moneyfolds lately.  Dollar Bill origami is a very recent foray of mine.  I have found the dimensions interesting from a design perspective.

My basic approaches:

  •  Not to be flippant, but I fold.  I take every angle and bisect, trisect, and intersect it in every way that I can think of. 
  • I try to collapse things in different ways from all different angles and sides.
  • Visualize what I want and deconstruct the folds in my mind(only works on rare occasions and never for highly complex stuff for me)
  • Once something bares a resemblence keep refining it till it is good enough.
  • Make more than one of something and see if they’ll hold together.

I have had mixed results with these approaches and I havn’t done much with animals (certainly none worth posting) but I do find it interesting to play with something that has limited symmetries.

Side bar… I have now had this sight for a full year.  Time flies when you are folding.