Dress Diagrams & Dollar Devil

The initial steps of this are a pain.  Reference points carefully. 

1.  Fold in half lengthwise.db1

2. Mountain fold as indicated.  The second pic shows the reference points on the dollar bill.


3.  Look at pic.  Line up the right side and make mirror folds.  Do it on the other side.


4.  You are making a valley fold that is the diameter of the circle.  Use reference points for alignment.  I’ve also drawn the line for reference. 


5.  This is sort of similar to creating a waterbomb base.  The trick is some of the paper in the center overlaps and has to goto one side or another.  I highly recommend referencing the pictures for this step.


6.  Flip over. and valley fold betwee the two vertices.  The crease line is drawn on the bill.


7.  Flip over.  You are folding the vertical lengths to the center crease (folding quarters).  It should start resembling a dress/robe.


8. The tips that are sticking out above the shoulders are mountain folded to match the edge behind it.


9.  The arms are mountain folded on the line that between the white and green on the bill.


10.  This section is to taste.  I mountain fold the bill and then valley fold.  Reference pictures.


11.  Flip over.

12.  This makes the waist.  I recommend looking at the photos and trying to repeat.


13.  Flip over.  The tips by the hips need to be mountain folded to soften them.


14.  If you want you can end here. 

15.  To add detail fold back the edges of the dress.  See pic.


16.  To shorten dress  pleat internally to taste.  You can fold the tips at a 45 degree angle for more detail.


Dollar Devil

Dollar Devil TWo


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