Spinal Reconstruction + Dollar Bill Dresses

When in Vancouver I made a grey tessellation that was a bit of a sampler.  When I got home I played a bit more and loved the vertebral effect that I got.  I’ve been wanting to do a spinal piece since then.  Easier said then done.  This piece has a different orientation on the creasing than normal.  It took me forever to precrease what should have been 125ths vertically.  Unfortunately the different gridding method didn’t work and I had to cut off a substantial part as my grid was so off as to be unusable.  Then I finally started creating the piece and it is not working out.  What I have is what it is.  So I am finished with the concept for the time being, because my frustration level is at code orange. 


On a different note I came up with a dollar bill dress and a minor varient.  If I find out they don’t exist out in the origami world I will work on diagramming them.  There is one reference point that came from another fold that I am trying to find a shorcut to.  If you recognize this please give me a heads up with appropriate links and designers.


4 comments so far

  1. Rachel Katz on

    HI Christine,

    I love the new direction your tessalations are taking. The spinal stuff is amazing.


  2. cedison on

    Thanks Rachel-Glad you like it:)

  3. Jean K. on

    Are those ‘real’ dollar bills dresses that people can actually wear, or are they ‘miniture’ designs shown for effect purposes? Thanks.

  4. cedison on

    Jean, These are origami dresses made from an actual dollar bill. Although your question did make me think about whether they could be worn. I think with only slight modifcation a wearable human sized one could be made. When I have time this summer it could be a fascinating project.

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