Tangential to Origami-Sites to Browse

http://www.chrisbosse.de/  This is Digital Origami a site that is mostly conceptual architectural design.  It has a lot of nifty ideas and eye candy.

 I found the above site at http://atelier-ad.blogspot.com . It is written by Michelle Linden an Architect from Seattle.  It has a lot of great finds and links.  This is a design blog and the aesthetic makes me think of Dwell magazine.  She is doing a great job.

 http://www.normalgroup.net/origami/index.htm  Architecture firms entry that has a very interesting desing concept.

http://www.industrialorigami.com/technology/how.cfm  A company that focuses on laser cutting flat metal sheets to create stuff.

http://members.fortunecity.com/ymahgou/courses/design1/OrigamicArch.html  This shows students of an architectural professor from Kuwait creating origamic-architecture pieces.  I especially like the landmarks.

 Pictures taken of the Festival of Origami Architecture at the National Building Museum.  These show a young girl who attended and a large variety of origami architecture and pictures of a huge crane being made.  There are also photographs of huge origami-architecture pieces made in sequence.  http://members.cox.net/csandy/Images/20040410_Origami/

 Depending on construction it may be pushing it to call it origami, but I LOVE IT.  The geometry is very cool.




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