No I havn’t forsaken tessellations

To those who have sent e-mails asking if I’ve given up on tessellations…

No I havn’t.  Ignoring the whole lacking in free time issue, I have been playing, with a few exceptions, with other things because for the last few months precreasing paper is hard.  The top of my forearm has fairly intense discomfort when I precrease for any length of time and has taken to being warmer than the surrounding area.  This has led to me only precreasing for short 5 minute periods.  Unfortunately I am working on precreasing several pieces that range from 96ths to 128ths and that means that it will take me longer to put out pieces (for as long as my forearm is cranky.)  Dollar bills are easy and take very little overall creasing and it is an amusing diversion at the moment, or temporary obsession if you will.

With that here’s another dollar bill modular (I think of it as a Celtic Cross) along with a deconstructed piece(Goran pleating).  Though diagrams will take me awhile this is not as easy as the other pieces.



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  1. genius kid on

    your blog is very impressive!! thank you for sharing. i’m also origami lover.

  2. Goran on

    I like this pleated piece. At first I thought you actually flipped the sense of the pleats from top to bottom. Then I realized that the top is just not locked. But I’ve been thinking about how to reverse the orientation of the pleats and one could make a twist for each pleat, splitting it in two. I haven’t folded anything like this yet, though. The other way I suppose is if the center of each pleat is pulled apart, but I have no idea how to fold such a thing. You’d have to fold it directly instead of pulling it apart afterwards.

    By the way, is the green paper elephant hide? (The blue one doesn’t seem so, but even the green is a color I’ve never seen before.)


  3. cedison on

    Thanks Genius Kid:) Glad you like it.

    Hi Goran-The blue and the green are the same piece. One is with flash the other without. It is green elephant’s hide. If I’m understanding what you mean by sense of pleats you can change orientation by flipping and reversing as folding. It just is a devil to keep track of. It is locked on three sides. I just unlocked the top to fan what I decided should be a tail. It is two different pleating systems-one straight out and the other a double pleat, like the red bowl on your web site.

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