Movement and Beauty Captured

Yoshi is a young artist from Venezuala who will, hopefully, soon be visiting the U.S..  The scope of his works are unbelievable to those in and out of the tesselating community.  He captures movement and one’s attention with large scale pieces that hang midair.  They resemble a thrown sheet that has momentarily frozen and taken on the geometric form of perfection.  Geometric precision in corrugations is difficult even in smaller works.  The scale of his pieces is staggering and joyous.  His choices for photographing his pieces also show artistic vision.  They are not static, but costume, prop, and art similtaneously.  The bottom picture “White Snake” makes me think that a whole ballet should be made with Yoshi’s art as the theme (Rudolf Nureyev comes to mind when I see some of his body photos, I don’t know why).  I think this artist has a distinct vision that is unique and compelling, I am looking forward to seeing his work develop and I hope eventually to see it in person. 

Here’s the link to his flickr photo set.


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