Dollar Bill Flower Module Diagrams

These are pictoral instructions.  They are not 100%, but they are what I’ve cobbled together for the moment.  You will need three or four dollars.  I don’t recommend hell or heaven money as they don’t hold all that well.

 1:  Fold the bill in half lengthwise and fold the corners down as indicated in the picture.


2:  You will unfold the corner tips and use them as a reference line to fold the edge to.  Refer to picture.


3:  Fold the edge back down and repeat on the other side. Refer to second picture (the dollar bill bustier:))


 5:  Fold down the back triangles to match the front.


6:  Fold in half. 


7:  Mountain fold along the existing paper edge.  The pic on the right is what the unit looks like when you’ve opened the petal up.


8: You will need three or four completed units.


9:  You slide the tab into the pocket and keep doing that all the way around.


10:  Put finger in each petal and open it up.  The more dollars the thinner the petal is.  The picture below is with four units.



16 comments so far

  1. Eric on

    Thanks a lot. This looks like it will be a big help. I sort of ‘discovered’ you at PCOC and have since seen a lot of your work on the web. It is very impressive. Plus you’re a really nice person.

  2. papernclay on

    Thanks for sharing! This is a great model!

  3. Patti M on

    This is just what I was looking for!! Thanks!

  4. paola on

    I try to make but I don’t understand the step 6 and 7 you can help me????
    thanks a lot
    bye PAola

  5. lucy on

    the last picture is blurry and i cant see it and i cant finish the flower…. this sukcs >=/

  6. cedison on

    Paula and Lucy I posted three additional picks here.

    Reference dollar bill flower 1

    I hope they help.

  7. Samantha on

    This one is awesome! Please published additional instructions and photos. Cannot decipher steps # 7 & 8 even with the additional photos from Paula and Lucy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. cedison on

    Samantha I posted a video on flickr with two being connected hope that helps.

  9. Yousuf on

    Hey! Please respond to my post on Modular Origami. I’m dying to make that star model. 🙂

  10. cedison on

    Yousuf-I am currently not at home, but when I get home I will send you diagrams/pictoral instructions.

  11. Bill on

    Thanks for this. It is just what I was looking for. It looks very nice as the decoration on a package wrapped in brown paper. I used it instead of a bow, and since the gift was a piggy bank, it was very appropriate.

  12. River on

    My god.. where am i going wrong? My dollar seems to LOOK correct but i seem to be messing up from step 2 .. can i get some help? 😦

  13. River on

    i need help.. i must be making a mistake from step 2

  14. River on

    agh i got it lol
    i was making it alot more complicated than it really was 😛

  15. Phyllis on

    Thank you so much. I used this pattern to make a beatiful floral money bow for my grandmothers 89th birthday…she loved it. Everyone took lots of pictures.

  16. Dillon on

    OMG dude did you use a 100 dollar bill in the first picture??

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