Dollar Bills Strike Again-The dollar bill modular flower and other tess stuff

Well after the years of modulars I can’t determine if something is new or old.  This seems excesively familiar although an hour long internet search yielded nothing, although I didn’t check standard Kusadama’s.  So I will diagram it after I check with a few people, because diagraming stuff that’s on the web seems redundant.  The one has three 20’s the other 4 really grungy singles.


Playing with small tests while I am trying to grid some large pieces.  I started something called “Spinal Reconstruction” for my chiropractor just after Vancouver and I still haven’t finished gridding the pieces.  My most recent small test is below.000_7935.jpg

More photos are at


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  1. Andrew Hans on

    Hi Christine:

    As a dollar folder for many years, I can state I have never seen this type of modular, in dollars at least. I can’t vouch for it not being some sort of Kusudama.

    Glad to see you are splitting (just a little bit) to $. I DL’d the $ butterfly, but as yet havn’t had a chance to fold it. Keep up the good work.

    Andrew (who is not related to Lorah Gross as you thought that evening in PCOC Vancouver)

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