Asymmetrical Accent Box


This design tends to maximize the amount of paper used, so your volume is much larger than a standard masu or many other containers.  There is a tradeoff in strength.  As my usual disclaimer this design is only 5 steps long.  I asked at the CHAOS meeting if Robert or Joshua were familiar with the design, as Joshua has more origami books than probably the whole group combined.  Neither were familiar so if it is a long standing design post pertinant info.  I think the design looks best with a duo colored paper.  6 inch paper gives you a container that is approximately 2 inches tall and 1 and 3/4 inches on side.

Edit:  Carmen Sprung contacted me and sent pdf’s of a diagram she designed in 2006.   Her design, the KrimsKrams box is diagrammed much better, has a different crease pattern, but a very similar methodology.  On the diagrams I’ve indicated the different places we diverge on the flickr photos

It is always fascinating to see how different people approach things and how similar design development is.  I have e-mailed her back and asked if she has anywhere she wants references and when she does I’ll include it here.

 Here is Carmen’s site


4 comments so far

  1. inq314 on

    Hey Christine, what about a box-lid?


  2. cedison on

    I actually have one, but I havn’t diagrammed it yet. It is not as simple:(

  3. Janel Russell on

    I am searching for a pouch or pocket envelope that can be made with simple folds to house a coin. Can anyone help me?

  4. dunlifiemnimi on

    Очень полезно

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