Excellent Holiday Gift-Jeff Rutzky’s Kirigami Book


Jeff’s book would make a great holiday gift.  It is nicely balanced and covers several styles of kirigami.  He has a wide array of designs and artists, which gives a nice sampling.  My favorite bit (although I liked it all) was the pictures of artist’s work.  They give one a level to aspire to, even as we realize that it likely isn’t in our innate constitution.  They sell it at Barnes and Nobles.  Here is the online site. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?r=1&z=y&EAN=9780760792278&itm=1&afsrc=1

His website which is a melange of his interests and photographs is here http://homepage.mac.com/jrutzky/iMovieTheater1.html



As I bought Jeff’s book a bit ago I’ve been meaning to try something.  Finally just looking at the pictures inspired me to grab a utility knife(my exacto ran away with the spoon it seems) and sketch something out. I sketched two intertwined growths (in my mind was the folksong “Barbara Allen, specifically the line “They grew and grew up the old churchyard the red rose and the briar.” Well the end result I found endlessly amusing the shadows were a hoot to play with and I was way to visually enthused. 


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