Basic Container Diagrams and Update

Lately I have been on a box/container jag.  In about two hours I folded 6 containers.  The others were over several days.  I am going to post the containers as I diagram them.

Basic Container

Basic Container diagram IBasic Container Diagram IIBasic Container Final step picture

The box is simple so odds are its been done before, if so please post pertinent info.  Also if there are any mistakes please inform me.

After a time away from masks I decided to try them again.  Absence did not improve my skills (wishful thinking), and it is not like riding a bicycle.  What I have challenged myself to do is complete three masks in a row without ripping them apart.  It sounds simple, but it goes against my nature.  However I probably will never improve unless I focus on completing them and understanding my flaws.  Here are the two I’ve completed.

Two varients of second mask.  Unfortunately used a smaller grid and couldn’t complete the top of the head.



1 comment so far

  1. Miguel Alfonso Valdivieso on

    The container is very interesting and easy. God finding.
    The masks however as you says are not ended, they show an incredible work.

    MIguel Alfonso Valdivieso
    Bogotan Origami Asociation.

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