Brian Dettmer is a Fantastical Creator

While letting time escape as I perused the vortex that is the web I encountered pictures from the Haydee Rovirosa Gallery of an artists that alters books.  Brian Dettmer takes old books and creates insanely detailed dioramas from cut away sheets.  This fascinated me as I’ve been thinking about tessellating old books and/or making new ones with embedded tessellations.  This gentleman is meticulous and creates a vision of the text in layers that harmonize and call out to be analyzed and appreciated.  Like many things I post about I advocate checking out the gallery that has this gentlemans work and if feasible purchase one of his fantastical journeys.


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  1. ernest pipe on

    if you want to find out more about brian dettmer, the man and artist, check this post out

    brian dettmer: book autopsies

    he was so incited by herocious that he personally left a rather lengthy comment that, at times, sounds insulting.

    not sure whom you’ll agree with, dettmer or herocious, but i got a laugh out of it at least.

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